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Thirsty's Quick Stop is conveniently located across East Market Street from Walmart and Home Depot. 
2914 East Market St. • York, PA • (717) 755-5969

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people toasting with glasses of beerAt thirsty's it's octoberfest all year round and all around the world

Thirsty's Quick Stop specializes in a wide choice of brews and a delicious short order food menu . Browse our beer offerings for your favorite brew.  We have more than 500 brands, domestic and imported from all around the world plus some from selected micro breweries. If you can't find it at Thirsty's, we will do our best to find your brand for the next time you stop by.

Our kitchen features broasted chicken, wings, snacks, sandwiches, subs and wraps for folks on the go.  We are not a chain.  Everything is home made with the freshest ingredients just the way you like it.. Thirsty's dining area is a meeting place for friends and our wide screen TVs make Thirsty's the ideal place to watch the big game.

Thirsty's can help you fill your cooler and picnic basket for your next Tailgate Party, picnic or cater your next gathering with the beer and food everyone loves.

Use our menu to choose your favorite snacks, subs, wraps and crispy, mouth watering broasted chicken.

Tom Rodas, owner and operator, is a second generation York County Restauranteur and Bar Owner with more than a decade as owner/operator of Culhanes in Northern York County. His father, now retired, owned several other restaurants and taverns in York since the 1970s. He also has several cousins who are restauranteers in York County.

Thirstys customer reviews

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"I have been coming to this location since it was Quick 6 Sub city.  I remember the place before it became Thirsty's I am pleased with the upgraded interieor and have been patronizing them frequently. They upgraded the interior, but kept the same general layout. I think the beer selection has improved a lot since it changed hands and this is probably my go-to bottle shop since it is only about ten minutes from my house".

"The food is standard bar food and subs with a sunday wing special -$5 for a dozen. They still have plenty of Macro brews to cater to a wider taste spectrum, but they offer Belgians like Chimay and Duvel along with the focal point when you enter which is American Craft beer like Dogfish head, Stoudt's, Troegs, Victory, Stone, Rogue, Spring House and Smuttynose as well as Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada over in the six pack cooler. The selection includes English Ales like Samuel Smith, Newcastle and Belhaven, Japanese Sapporo, Kirin as well as Australian ales like Cooper's, so you can keep the selection varied. The only real criticism I have is their is no incentive to mix and match a variety for sixpacks - you pay the single beer price and that can get expensive since some twelve oz'ers are over 3.75 each." Matt N. York PA

"This late night beer and food stop is the most fascinating thing York has to offer...I know that's no saying much, but I mean it. Thirsty's is a place to go when everywhere else is closed and your starving for broasted chicken and a specialty brew. The beer selection is always stupendous. Everything from fancy wine-esque beers to straight 40oz. The food selection rules...always delicious."Rebecca G. York, PA

"Very Good Beer Selection, the food is always very good also.  Not the best on customer service but makes up for it with quality and selection." Jake S. Wrightsville, PA

"Thirsty's is a pretty cool place. Great bottle selection. Mostly micro / craft brews, and some Euro selections. A nice selection of 750ml bottles too, Rogue, Stone etC.You can mix a six pack and they don't beat you up on price too bad. If you bought four sixers it would be more expensive than your typical case of micro, but that's to be expected in PA.They also get new stuff in often, including seasonals, and seem to be on top of things as far as getting new to the ares brews goes. They have a few rotating taps there and food too with a nice seating area and big TV. Probably the best place to get single bottles in York.".

"If you're looking to try a new beer, and you just want a 6 pack. They probably got it. And if you don't see it in the case, ask they still might have it in the back. Not a smoky bar, more like a mini mart inside. My wife stops all the time and brings home a different flavored beer every time."

"Pleaeantly suprised by food and beer selection." G